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CPlast, the specialist in plastic fence / plastic barrier

ganivelles plastique protection plages dunesHistorically made of chestnut wood, Ganivelles (or girondine barriers) are barriers made of vertical wooden slats assembled and spaced by wire.

Traditionally, cranes are used to protect the dunes or to protect the roads from snow drifts.
A more recent field of use for cranes is the marking of motorcycle circuits.

C Plast invents plastic Fences

The plastic crank was invented by C Plast at the request of a motorcycle circuit, which wanted to have more visible and more resistant barriers. This product was then adopted by other motorcycle circuits for their many qualities.

The advantages of plastic crank

  • Visibility
  • Strength
  • Aesthetics: a wide range of colors
  • Aging resistance
  • Weight (10% lighter than wood)
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials

Plastic crank: an ecological solution

barriere pare congere guanivelle1The plastic used by C Plast for the manufacture of its plastic barriers is made of recycled plastic, and it is itself recyclable.

More durable than wooden crank, the crank is less often replaced, and it is less prone to vandalism because of its robustness and because it is not flammable (M1).


How does the plastic crank of CPlast look?

C Plast manufactures its cranes according to needs: size, color, lath spacing, and ability to adapt to any demand :

  • Height from 0.50 m to 2 meters
  • Adjustable slat spacing from 3cm
  • Color

Areas of use for plastic crank

  • Circuit layout
  • Hazardous Area Delimitation
  • Area delimitation (parking ...)
  • Protection of the dunes
  • Delimitation of traffic areas
  • Protection of roads in case of snow
  • Windbreak

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